Our Services

Our Private Wealth Platform enables clients to preserve and grow their wealth in an uncomplicated, transparent, and cost effective manner.

Our portfolios differ to many other wealth managers in our extensive use of alternative assets in our portfolios which we believe provides a better risk adjusted return for our clients.


The Branwell International Limited team has many decades of investment experience in managing wealth for clients.

Wealth Protection

Our Private Wealth Management Services has a focus on capital preservation and provides an environment for the protection of your wealth.


Your Financial Planning

Sound financial planning advice can help clients identify the strengths and weaknesses of their long-term financial health. Many of us have either thought about or even written down our financial objectives, but few have developed the necessary plan to reach their goals.

Branwell International Limited has years of experience in this area and sophisticated software tools available to assist our clients in developing a holistic plan that guides clients toward the accomplishment of their goals. Our financial planning services include:

  • Determine appropriate asset allocation given financial goals
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of long-term financial health
  • Determine savings strategies and insurance needs
  • Diversification of concentrated stock positions
  • Recommend best saving vehicles (Roth, after-tax, tax-deferred)
  • Determine optimal social security benefit claiming strategy
  • Stock Option analysis
  • College planning